Newquay Airport Taxis

Working together with 123 Taxis of Newquay


Terms and conditions

Please remember until  a confirmation email is received a taxi has not been booked.

All our prices quoted unless otherwise stated will be for a drop off to one destination.

All prices published on this web site are based   from Newquay Airport.

Extra charges may be incurred for a journey beyond the original destination, for waiting time or for multiple stops.

We do not charge for airport delays.

If however the flight is delayed to beyond 11pm, you will be charged the night rate for your journey.

We reserve the right to charge £60 for soiling of the interior of a vehicle

or £20 for the soiling of the exterior of the vehicle.

A 30%   fee may be charged for any cancelled bookings

depending on the circumstances and payment method.

If our vehicle is fitted with a meter this will be engaged at the start of the journey.

It is a legal requirement that the meter (if fitted) is engaged for all fare paying customers.

If the meter price is less than our quote you will only be charged the meter price.




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